Wakaflex® Uni Outlet

Wakaflex® Uni Outlet

Wakaflex Uni Outlet is a lead-free, flexible, adhesive sealing collar where flue pipes and soil stacks penetrate the roof.

The Wakaflex Uni Outlet is the ideal solution for sealing penetrations in the roof. The outlet is extremely flexible as it is designed to fit a wide range of outlet diameters. It is also very easy to install and unlike other methods of sealing such as aluminium or lead, if the seal needs to be extended, extra wakaflex can simply be added to accommodate it.

Areas of application

Suitable for:

Pitched Roof
18º - 45º
Operating Temperatures
-40°C up to 100°C (up to 120°C short term/intermittently)

Application Temperature
+5°C up to 40 °C

Product features & benefits

  • Universal sealing of flue pipes and soil stack penetrations
  • Ease of handling and installation
  • Aesthetically pleasing with a high quality finish
  • Lead-free
  • Long life due to polymer surface of Wakaflex and high quality EPDM material
  • Suitable for concrete, clay tiles and slates 


Base Material
Polyisobuthylene(PIB) with aluminium meshwork
and butyl-adhesive tape

Collar Material

Product code & dimensions

Wakaflex Uni Outlet -Grey


Wakaflex Base Dimension

560mm x 450mm

Collar sizes


Wakaflex Uni Outlet Information



Wakaflex Uni Outlet Datasheet             Wakaflex Uni Outlet Fixing Instructions