EasyFlash® Lead-free Universal Flashing

EasyFlash is a lightweight, universal lead-free roof flashing for the sealing of abutments between walls and roof tiles.

EasyFlash is the universal flashing for connections on pitched roof – either for penetrations through the roof or other areas. The material is highly flexible, up to 60% due to its creped aluminium structure. The material moulds easily to the contours of the roof and is particularly effective at corners. The butyl underside makes it very durable and does not suffer from any wind uplift.


Areas of application

Suitable for:

• All abutments at walls
• Chimneys
• Rising parts of structures such as dormers, firewalls and other abutments in the roof area
• New build or refurbishment
• All plain & profiled roofing materials


Product feature & benefits

•  Highly durable - metallic surface gives similar expected lifespan to lead & zinc
•  Wide application area: wall connections, dormer & chimney abutments
•  4 colours to blend in with roof
•  Universal - flexible material suitable for all tile, clay & slate profiles
•  Self-fixing to dry surfaces with  adhesive butyl strip
•  No re-sale value
•  Less expensive than lead
•  Faster & simpler to fix than lead
•  Lighter to carry than lead
•  Does not suffer from wind uplift
•  10 year against manufacturing defect


Colour range

EasyFlash is available in four colours to blend in with the roof and three different widths. Its coloured acrylic coating does not leave streak lines on the roof covering like equivalent products.




Quick & easy installation

EasyFlash can be worked and laid to professional standards with ordinary tools - ruler, pencil and scissors. Easily mouldable, the aluminium outer enables EasyFlash to fit closely and permanently to the roof contours. The self-fusing properties of the material mean that soldering and gluing are unnecessary. The sealing edge gives good security against rain, snow and dust penetration. EasyFlash® is adaptable to all plain and profiled roofing materials


EasyFlash® product information




Download the Datasheet             Easy  Flash Laying Instructions

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