Plumbing & Heating Engineers

Haus Profi™ lead-free flashings and
accessories for flues, pipework and ducting

The Haus Profi range of flashings has been designed to provide heating engineers and plumbers with effective alternatives to lead.

Already well established in over 40 countries, its launch into the UK HPI market will at last provide scope for quick and cost-effective sealing of penetrations through pitched, flat, metal and polycarbonate roofs.

Weatherproofing between flue and roof can be particularly problematic with slate and plain tile roofs so the process of removal and replacement is frequently sub-contracted to a roofing contractor.

Haus Profi products enable flues to be installed without the associated cost of sub-contracting specialist labour. Flashings can be stretched, provide a long design life and make installation far quicker than with lead or other metals and the end result is invariably airtight and neater.


Wakaflex is a lead free, flexible, adhesive-backed flashing designed to replace lead in most modern roofing applications.

Wakaflex is the ideal lead-free material for flashing flues, vents, ducting and soil outlets at their junction with the roof as it can be stretched by up to 50% in length and 15% in width. No specialist skills are needed, making it ideal for use with deeply profiled tiles such as Double Roman and Bold Roll, as well as corrugated metal roofs.

Wakaflex is sufficiently flexible for moulding around tight curves but also has just the right amount of rigidity for traditional upstand work, abutments, dormers and chimneys. Whether the roof is slate, concrete, clay, fibre cement, metal or polycarbonate Wakaflex will provide the same exceptional standard of adhesion. It can even be used to repair cracks of up to 5mm in slates or tiles.

Lead supplied for flashing by some boiler manufacturers is usually the thinnest grade (Code 3 and just 1.32mm thick). This is half the weight of Code 6 lead used for most roofing applications and can easily be damaged if the installer is inexperienced. Wakaflex, by contrast, is flexible, resilient and can even be repaired if necessary.

Wakaflex has a butylon backing that bonds and weatherproofs immediately. It can be moulded to the profile of the roof using finger pressure and cut with shears or scissors. No specialist tools are needed for forming / dressing and, unlike lead, Wakaflex does not require fixing clips at between 300 - 500mm centres. No primer is required in most cases*, so jobs are completed far quicker. Not only is the end result more effective, a choice of four Wakaflex colours (Anthracite, Red, Light Grey and Brown) enables the flashing to match tiles or slates.

Wakaflex does not expand or contract in extreme temperatures, so it can be installed in complete 5 metre roll lengths if necessary, using just a standard 50mm headlap.

Wakaflex is also completely inert so, unlike lead, it presents no environmental hazard. As it will not contaminate water run-off it is therefore ideal for use with rainwater harvesting systems.

*Roofs should be brushed clean prior to application.


EasyFlash is a lightweight, universal flashing for sealing abutments, chimneys, dormers and other junctions to the roof.

EasyFlash has a lightly ribbed aluminium facing, is highly flexible and can be stretched in length by up to 60%. The material moulds easily to the contours of deeply profiled tiles and is particularly effective at corners. Like Wakaflex, it has a butylon backing which provides exceptional bond strength and resistance to wind uplift.

It can be worked and laid to professional standards with ordinary tools - ruler, pencil and scissors. Easily mouldable, the aluminium outer enables EasyFlash to fit closely and permanently to the roof contours. The self-fusing properties of the material mean that soldering and gluing are unnecessary. The sealing edge gives good security against rain, snow and dust penetration. EasyFlash is adaptable to all plain and profiled roofing materials

Sabetoflex Lead-free Roof OutletSabetoflex

Sabetoflex is a range of flashing products suitable for sealing flues, pipework, vents and ducting.

Sabetoflex provides the perfect collar and flashing combination for flues with diameters ranging from 100 -160mm for gas flues and 250 / 270mm for wood burners.

Unlike traditional metal collars, up to three of which are needed to cover all pitches, Sabetoflex collars can be adjusted to suit the pitch and can be used just as effectively on flat and green roofs*. They can also be used to seal services from solar PV and solar thermal panels and in some cases can be used with roof windows.

Sabetoflex kits come complete with a pre-installed Wakaflex sealing collar which provides an airtight seal with the roof. This offers a far better solution than standard lightweight metal flashings which provide no overall seal and can be inadequate on low pitches.

Sabetoflex flashings are made from powder-coated, galvanised steel which is highly weather-resistant. When placed in position, an integral sealing clamp fixes the flashing to the flue prior to use of Haus Profi Flashing Sealant. A Wakaflex storm collar is fitted over the basic flashing, light torching being used to ‘fuse’ the two applications of Wakaflex together.

*Please contact our technical Department for specific installation advice.

Lead-free-roof-flashing-accessoriesAccessories to get the job done right

Wakaflex roller

A 35mm stainless steel seaming roller used to finish Wakaflex or EasyFlash applications by ensuring effective contact between flashing and roof. The roller has chamfered edges to prevent the flashing from being marked or damaged.

HausProfi Flashing Sealant

Haus Profi Flashing Sealant has been specially formulated to work with Wakaflex and is clear, UV-resistant, bitumen-compatible and made from synthetic rubber rather than silicone.
It comes in a 310ml tube that fits inside a standard caulking gun.

EasyFlash® Tape

EasyFlash tape is a multi-purpose, highly flexible tape which can be used both inside and out to create a watertight and airtight seal around penetrations, corners of roof windows or tears in underlays. It has a butylon backing, is highly resistant to ageing and degradation and can be stretched by up to 70%. It is available in 60 & 90mm widths and is anthracite in colour.

Haus Profi Finishing Strip

Though Wakaflex is self-supporting in vertical applications, top edges should have a Haus Profi Finishing Strip applied if chasing into the brickwork in the traditional manner is not possible