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Haus Profi. The specialists in lead-free roof flashings and accessories

Haus Profi is part of the Monier Group, a global manufacturer of building materials with operations in 40 countries. Monier has led the field in developing lead substitutes for more than 20 years and Haus Profi is an established brand in many countries of mainland Europe.

As part of the Monier Group, Haus Profi is dedicated to building long term relationships with its customers and partners, working together to understand market requirements to help design and develop new, fit-for-purpose products whilst continuing to improve its existing range.

Haus Profi products are designed for sealing abutments and pitch transitions on walls, dormers, chimneys, flat roof upstands and hanging slates/cills. In particular, they offer a range of options for sealing flues of gas and wood burning appliances through both pitched and flat roofs. Materials can be stretched by up to 30% without use of lead forming tools, enabling them to be used with deeply profiled concrete and clay tiles as well as slates, shingles, metal and polycarbonate. They can also be used at tight angles, having been designed for ease of installation without the need for skilled labour.

Products are tested in relation to wind load and shear, fire, abrasion resistance, dimensional, colour and temperature stability, weather tightness and UV-resistance. Products can withstand temperatures as low as -40°C as well as in extremely hot conditions.

Developments in self-adhesive backings greatly assists in the quality of seal, with butyl adhesive backings retaining their high bond strength and enabling material to be used on most dry surfaces without priming.

All products have been developed as lead-free alternatives with Wakaflex having become a market leader. Being non-toxic, they are suitable for use with rainwater harvesting systems and present no lasting health hazard to users, or the heavy weight associated with lead. Wakaflex will also chemically bond with itself to provide a secure seal with no more than a 30mm lap.

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